Accessible Auditorium VR Vision

Images of the custom performance environment created as part of the South West creative Technology Network’s Immersion Fellowship. The walls are themselves ‘screens’ for the display of video or images relating to the performance.

The images below show a design of accessible immersive auditorium created in VR. They show different angle of a circular space which is encircled by floor to ceiling screens with curtain between them that cover or reveal more of the screens.

Around the perimeter of the space are LED lights positioned parallel to the edge of each screen, alternating red and blue. In the middle of the space 7 hexagons are positioned in a flower shape with one in the middle and 6 tessellating around the outside.

The images show a variety of configurations for ramps that meet the specifications for wheelchair access in terms of width and incline.

The design places the audience in the centre of the space to allow other accessibility features to be available including lights and projections that map performer movements and sign language captions that can be viewed from any position.